Joy of bathroom

We love to add “pleasure” to the water, which is the glow of our places.

We think everything regarding water should be nice. Our water-inspired point of view must shape the material. We love to create forms of water with its hares, waves, nobility, simplicity and excitement.

According to us, everything about water should be functional. Sometimes it should flow slowly, sometimes fast, sometimes foaming, sometimes granulating. We like to explore its character in the stream.

According to us, everything regarding water should think about the future. It should transform the saving into fluidity by taking responsibility of the world and life. We love to produce faucets that are sensitive to nature for the common future of humanity that we have entrusted and will inherit.

We love to bring “pleasure” to bathrooms and kitchens ...

Our vision

We would like to become the most preferred brand in the regional, national and global context in products and services in our field of activity.

 Our mission

To meet the expectations of our customers; to provide products and services that are suitable for human health in time and in requested way and quantity.


·Being the leading company in the industry, being always one step ahead of its competitors and to adapt to the process of innovation in a fast and efficient way to maintain this quality,

·Providing fast solutions to its customers by activating its role in the processes by constantly ensuring the participation of its employees,

·Providing the requirements of its customers and all legal and applicable legislation requirements, keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by assuring that it always produces quality products by applying the system effectively.

·Raising it to a level that can compete internationally with its planned activities in all processes withing the framework of continuous improvement approach,

·Training employees in order to improve their capabilities,

·Reviewing the quality policy constantly to ensure that it complies with the objectives of the company,

·Ensuring that our quality management system is documented and continuously improved to meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

In order to make customer satisfaction permanent, customer expectations are measured and assessed whether customer requirements are met or not, and improvement activities are carried out taking into consideration the slightest dissatisfaction with the presented product by announcing them to all employees..

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